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Ride the wave like there’s no tomorrow!

The beauty of Costa Rica, the magic of Lake Arenal’s crystal waters, and the best watersports for you to enjoy with family and friends. Already pro? Textbook amateur? Total beginner? Whoever you are, the fun is guaranteed in Lake Arenal.


Wondering which watersports you should try – or whether you can pack them all into a single day? Find out more about why we love each of our watersports below.



Perfect for: beginners, or anyone looking for a fun challenge, and to learn a new skill.

Picture this: you will be standing on a small board with foot bindings (a lot like the set-up for a snowboard, with boots you slip your feet into), and holding onto the handle of a rope. At the other end of that rope? Our boat.

The boat will pull you across the water while you ride the wake – AKA, the never-ending wave created by the hull of our boat. At first, the goal is just to maintain balance. Trust us – it’s a learning curve.

But, once you’ve got that under control, you can start to master tricks and stunts, from jumping the wake to ollies and tail grabs (the skateboarders know what we’re talking about here).

Everyone can enjoy wakeboarding, whether they’re a first-timer or backed by years of experience.



Perfect for: keen surfers who prefer not to wait around for the best waves.

Wakesurfing is a little like wakeboarding, at least in the beginning. The biggest difference is that you’ll be going barefoot, and gripping the board while you work to maintain balance.

At first, you will be pulled by the boat, and once on the wave, you will very quickly learn how to ride it without the rope, and surf the boat’s wake a lot like you would surf an ocean wave.

What we love about wakesurfing is that the boat creates the magic for you. All the juice without the lulls.



Perfect for: pretty much everyone, from beginners to experts.

This one shares a lot of similarities with wakeboarding but, instead of a board, your feet will be attached to skis.

Riders typically use two skis, which is probably what you’re picturing right now – a lot like you see it done on the snow but, instead, on the waves. Interestingly, in recent years, use of a single slalom ski has gained popularity, as it allows you to make much sharper curves through the water.

Whether you’re on one or two skis, the boat will tow you across while you keep balance. Happy to just get pulled along? Enjoy the right. Think it all sounds too easy? Throw some tricks into the mix!



Perfect for: fun-seekers who aren’t looking for a steep learning curve.

Getting out on the water and trying something new doesn’t mean you have to learn a whole new skill. If you are looking to have some fun out on the water with family and friends, then tubing is the perfect choice. It’s challenging enough, but there are no rules or techniques to master.

To have a great time, all you need to do is lie on the tube with one or two friends, hold on tight, and let the boat drag you around the water at top speeds while you try not to fall off. The tube will bounce over incoming waves and sway left and right, trying to throw you off into the water like a bucking bronco.

It’s low stakes, lots of fun, and just the right amount of adrenaline.

Wakeboarding in Costa Rica


You bring a can-do attitude, and we’ll bring everything else.

At Volcano Watersports, we’re very proud of our luxurious, state-of-the-art wake boat, equipped with all the gear you need to feel comfortable and safe out on the water. We’ve also got the watersports knowhow, and a few tricks up our sleeves for making sure you get the most out of your adventure.

The boat comes fully equipped with wakeboards, wakesurf boards, water skis and a two or three-person tube

You can rent the boat by the minute or the hour, for half a day or for a full day trip with snacks & beverages for refueling before you get back out on the waves. Any music requests? We’ll get them blasting from our sound system tower to really get the right vibe for your experience.

From start to finish, a captain and professional coach will be on board to ensure you have all the guidance you require. Our staff are professionally trained and will share their vast experience with you, whatever your level.

So, whether you are looking to learn how to waterski, wakeboard or wakesurf, or want to improve your existing skills, we guarantee you will have an amazing time with us on Lake Arenal.

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The 2022 Super Air Nautique G23

It all starts with an amazing boat, and the perfect wave.

This beauty outperforms anything else on the market. It offers the luxury you want, and the waves you need to have an incredible time out on the water. We can configure the surf waves and wakeboard wakes for every age and skill level, meaning the entire experience is tailored to you.

Boat in Costa Rica

The Perfect Waves for Watersports

Yep, you heard us right. We really can customize the waves for you.

The biggest bugbears of any watersport enthusiast are unpredictable, choppy, or messy waves. It’s hard to learn when the waves are too big, and it’s hard to get better when the waves are too small.

The G23 provides the perfect endless wave for whatever you desire; a surf wave that can be shaped and scaled based on the preferences of the surfer. Built on the framework and knowledge of its award-winning predecessor, it delivers world-class, unmatched performance for anyone ready to get out on the water.

For this reason alone, the Super Air Nautique G23 is undoubtedly the best modern-day wake boat in existence.

A Luxury Experience on Lake Arenal

The rear transom area is built for comfort and functionality, which means that everything you need for lounging or for taking your next set are well within reach

Amenities can be found throughout the entire lounge. Our flip-up and reversible seating options mean that it can easily convert from a wrap-around social space to front row seats to all the action going on behind the boat. Get busy on the water, then relax with a cool drink, a bite to eat, and your choice of soundtrack playing through the world renowned JL Audio® stereo.

The Best Watersports Equipment for Beginners and Experts

Those who are passionate about watersports know the difference between excellent and average equipment. Even experts will struggle if the equipment leaves something to be desired – and that’s why we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality.

We have selected a range of outstanding boards and accessories from the best brands like Ronix and Radar Skis, so that we can really make this a highlight of your trip – and one of the top activities in Costa Rica.

Even if it’s your first time practicing watersports, we can guarantee that once you try this equipment, you will not want anything else!

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