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Check out our full list of prices for watersports and boat rentals on Lake Arenal. Our packages are totally customizable, so we can help you and you and your party get out on the water as much or as little as you want.



$150 / 30 min + VAT

This is the one where you strap yourself onto the board, hold onto the rope, and try to balance as you coast over those top class waves – and did we mention it’s on one of the best watersport lakes you could hope for?

Great fun, and perfect for watersport beginners.

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$150 / 30 min + VAT

Similar to wakeboarding, but you’ve got to grip the board with your feet and, maybe, balance yourself enough to let go of the rope and surf the wake unaided.

Challenging, exciting, and great for keen or practicing surfers.

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$150 / 30 min + VAT

Strap yourself into one or two skis and let the boat pull you along as you ride the configured wave it creates. Learn a few tricks, or try to slalom your way through the waves…

Exhilarating, fast, and a great workout.

Find out more about waterski here.


$150 / 30 min + VAT

Some of the best fun you can have on the water with friends. Grab a couple buddies, hold onto the tube as tight as you can, and feel the wind and spray through your hair as you fly over Lake Arenal.

There’s no big learning curve; the kind of fun you remember having as a kid.

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The Boat

Spend a few hours (or the whole day) on our pride and joy: the Super Air Nautique G23 Boat. The best way to see Lake Arenal, and the ultimate in both luxury and watersport thrills, so you can get the very most out of your experience on the water.

Spend the whole time taking turns on the wakeboard, wakesurf, waterski and tube, or spend the whole time enjoying the sights and the sunshine over a cooling drink and a bite to eat.

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1-2 hours package

· Unlimited choice of watersports.

$290 / Hour + VAT

3-5 hours package

· Unlimited choice of watersports.

· Variety of snacks and drinks.

$280 / Hour + VAT

6-8 hours package

· Unlimited choice of watersports.

· Variety of snacks and drinks.

· Prepared meals of choice.

$270 / Hour + VAT

The Kayak

$55 / 2.5 Hours + VAT

See Lake Arenal from a new perspective. Enjoy the peace, the beauty, and the cool water.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

$55 / 2.5 Hours + VAT

A great, enjoyable workout that focuses on core strength at the foot of the great volcano, and the fascinating ecosystem that surrounds it.