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What Are The Best Ways to Use Our Boat Rentals?

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1 February 2024

We know we’re biased, but we couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the wonders of Costa Rica than cruising around in a luxury boat, with nothing but the sound of the wind whipping through the rainforest, the soft lap of the lake against the hull, the sun bearing down on you, and the whole day to do whatever you want.

That’s what we offer here at Volcano Watersports, but you would be forgiven if you had assumed differently. The clues in the name: Volcano Watersports. We take great pride in our wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing activities – especially our instructors, who can guide any customer from beginners to intermediates, to advanced.

On Lake Arenal, you can spend the whole day perfecting your skills, spotting your friends, and becoming one with the water beneath your board – and we’ve written a lot about this in the blog section of our website. What we want to tell you more about, however, is everything else you can use our boat rentals for.

We get more than just watersport enthusiasts visiting Lake Arenal. Every year, we meet a great mix of people, all of whom want something a little different from their day on the water. With this in mind, we’re going to walk you through the best and most common ways to use our services, hopefully giving you a few ideas about how you can make the most out of your day on the lake.

An Arenal Birthday Party

The first thing to know is that our packages can be customised to suit you – whatever you want to do and however long you want to stay on the water is up to you to decide.

One of the most popular ways people enjoy Lake Arenal is by taking our boats for a day-long birthday party. With a chef-prepared meal, premium drinks, and a birthday-inspired playlist, you can celebrate a milestone birthday in style and create some unforgettable memories.

A Wildlife Tour

With rainforests on either side of you, the glorious Arenal Volcano looming in the distance, and a lake full of various wildlife beneath your feet, our boat services have actually become a popular way to go animal watching! Rather than go on a long – or short – tour, you can spend as long as you want on the boat with a pair of binoculars and spend the day searching for some natural wonders.

Some of the most common animals to be spotted at Lake Arenal include the spider monkey, the kingfisher, the quetzal, and you might even see a jaguar poking its head through the undergrowth! The lake itself is also filled with rainbow bass – locally known as guapotes – mojarras, machacas, and tilapia, with the sport of fishing being another popular practice, especially early in the morning.

A Family Day Out

Of course, there doesn’t have to be a specific reason why you use our boat rentals. If you’re staying with family in the nearby town of La Fortuna, it has become a good way for people to explore more of their surroundings, going out onto the lake with their children with no particular event in mind.

Here at Volcano Watersports, it’s not one or the other. You can spend a couple of hours wakeboarding – or teaching your kids to wakeboard – and then spend the rest of the time cruising the lake, having a bite to eat, and simply enjoying the weather. Once again, it’s entirely up to you.

A Corporate Event

Over the last couple of years, corporate away days have also been a common cause to rent our boats. What business wouldn’t want to replace their regular hotel functions with a day in the sun at Lake Arenal? For many companies, it’s a great opportunity to get to know colleagues on a deeper level and wash away the stresses of everyday life.

From a mental health standpoint, watersports are said to reduce stress levels and anxiety, while endorphins and adrenaline can increase positivity and your overall mood. This makes Lake Arenal a perfect location for business owners looking to rejuvenate their team, give them a bit of a break, with sports, food, and drink, and a day of fun and relaxation.

A Romantic Getaway

Lastly, Lake Arenal can be the perfect spot for couples to get away from the world and experience something romantic. You may have had a lot of good date ideas in your time, but have you ever taken your SO to the middle of a natural paradise, surrounded by gorgeous, wild scenery while floating atop sapphire blue waters?

It’s a date that will never be beaten, and if you’re really serious about this relationship, you could even take it one step further. How about a proposal during a sunset ride, with romantic music sounding around you, and the silhouette of Arenal Volcano beginning to glow in the coming moonlight? If you want a proposal to write home about, you definitely won’t be able to find anything better than this – just try not to lose the ring if you decide on a spot of wakeboarding afterwards!