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Why Kayaks are Great for Exploring Lakes

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15 August 2023

Kayaking is an activity that is often associated with adrenaline rushes from navigating turbulent, white-water river rapids or the open ocean's vastness. However, don't overlook the unique, serene experience that lake kayaking offers. The tranquil waters of a lake present an opportunity for exploration, reflection, and a close encounter with nature.

At Volcano Watersports, we’re best known for our boat rentals, which offer you the chance to explore Lake Arenal at a faster pace, whether you’re down for some wakeboarding or a session on the waterskis. But, if you’re looking for a little downtime during your watersports vacation, kayaking is a great way to rest your muscles without missing out on the chance to see more of the lake.

Here’s why you should add it to your bucket list.

Discover the Tranquil Charm of Lakes

Lakes, unlike rivers or seas, possess a tranquil allure, giving you a calm environment for kayaking. Paddling on the smooth surface of a lake is akin to gliding on a mirror, reflecting the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

This serene environment is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides a sense of peace and quiet that can be difficult to find in our hectic daily lives. Lake Arenal happens to be the perfect backdrop for this, and testament to the fact that Costa Rica is the ultimate watersports destination.

It's a User-Friendly Experience for Beginners

For those new to kayaking, lakes offer a user-friendly environment. With still waters and no currents to navigate, it's easier to learn and hone paddling skills. This less demanding scenario is an excellent starting point for beginners, providing a safe space to build confidence before tackling more challenging waters.

With that control over pace and direction, you can choose whether you want an intense workout or a leisurely paddle.

An Intimate Encounter with Nature

One of the most captivating aspects of lake kayaking is the intimate encounter with nature it offers. As you quietly paddle through the water, you become a part of the ecosystem, witnessing Lake Arenal’s wildlife up close without disturbing their natural activities. You might spot a kingfisher diving for its meal, a deer quenching its thirst at the water's edge, or a school of fish creating ripples underneath your kayak. This intimate encounter with nature makes kayaking more than just a sport; it's an immersive experience.

A Gateway to Hidden Worlds

Kayaks have the advantage of being small and agile, enabling them to access places that are typically out of reach for larger boats. Paddling into narrow inlets or channels opens up a hidden world waiting to be explored. You could discover untouched beaches, quiet coves, or even a hidden waterfall. Each lake becomes an adventure, a treasure hunt with bountiful surprises waiting to be uncovered.

Fitness and Health Benefits

Kayaking is a fantastic full-body workout that combines strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular training. The activity primarily targets the upper body and core muscles but also engages the lower body as you steer and balance the kayak. An hour of kayaking can burn several hundred calories, depending on the intensity of your paddling. Additionally, being outdoors and exposed to sunlight increases your vitamin D levels, which is beneficial for bone health and the immune system.

A Boon for Anglers

For those who enjoy fishing, kayaking presents a new dimension to the sport. Being on a kayak allows you to approach fish quietly, getting closer to them without spooking them, as a larger boat would. Also, the ability to navigate shallow waters or narrow streams can lead you to undisturbed fishing spots, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Embrace the Silence

Unlike motorized boats, kayaks glide quietly on the water, causing minimal disturbance to the ecosystem. This silence allows you to enjoy the natural sounds of the environment – the lapping of the water against your kayak, the call of a loon, or the rustle of leaves in the wind. Moreover, kayaking is an eco-friendly way to explore lakes as it doesn't pollute the air or water with emissions.

The Meditative Rhythm of Paddling

There is a meditative quality to the rhythmic motion of paddling. The repetition, along with the calm environment, can help reduce stress and anxiety, increasing your mental well-being. The focus required to paddle and steer the kayak also provides a form of mindfulness exercise, helping you to stay present and engaged in the moment.

Promotes Teamwork and Bonding

Kayaking can be both a solitary activity and a group sport. Going on a kayaking trip with friends or family promotes teamwork and bonding, as you navigate the waters together. Sharing the discoveries and experiences that come with exploring a lake creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Easy on the Pocket

Lastly, kayaking is an affordable way to explore lakes. Compared to motorized boats, kayaks are less expensive to purchase and maintain, and they do not require fuel. This makes kayaking a cost-effective recreational activity for all to enjoy.

The peaceful environment, the opportunity for exploration and adventure, the physical and mental health benefits, and the chance to be one with nature make kayaks an excellent choice for exploring lakes. So, the next time you're planning an outdoor adventure, consider renting a kayak for a memorable journey across a serene lake.