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A Day On The Water Of Lake Arenal: What To Expect

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21 November 2023

So you’ve recently booked a holiday in Costa Rica, and you’ve decided to pay us a visit here at Volcano Watersports. You’ve made all the right choices so far. Costa Rica, the perfect vacation destination. Tick. Lake Arenal, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Double tick!

But what exactly should you expect? Well, we can’t say too much about your vacation as a whole. Costa Rica offers everything from beautiful beaches to stunning rainforests, so how you choose to experience it is completely up to you.

But we do have a bit of an idea when it comes to boat rentals at Lake Arenal. Now, we don’t want to explain everything, because, you know, spoilers. But we can go into a few of the things to expect, as well as why a day on the water of this lake might be the best of your life.

So let’s get started.

This Isn’t Just About Watersports

First off, this isn’t all about watersports. What we offer here at Volcano Watersports covers more than that. With our boat rentals, you have the chance to be up close and personal with nature, and the chance to explore it entirely at your own pace. You can enjoy the lake in our luxury boat, complete with a high-resolution boat sound system for all your favourite watersporting tracks, great food, drink, and some wonderful company.

Although Watersports Are A Big Part Of It!

But watersports are a big part of it, of course! Our boats are equipped with top watersports equipment, including top rate boards, and the best-looking instructors in the land – ahem, we mean the most professional instructors in the land. With a whole 8 hours at your disposal, you can either float around and explore, or you can spend your time getting to grips with a wakeboard. Or both! You have the freedom to choose and experience Lake Arenal however you want to experience it.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Cold!

We should mention that one of the things people don’t like about watersports is the cold. After all, you’re exposed to the elements, with the wind in your face, and if you fall, you’re falling head first into freezing water. Or at least, that’s how it works in other countries.

With the climate at Lake Arenal, you don’t have to worry about that. The sun is often glistening on the surface of the water of Lake Arenal, and the water itself is beautiful and warm. This means that, if you do fall, you can just claim you did it on purpose as you were getting too hot. Perfect!

It’ll Take A Moment To Take In The Scenery

Oh, another thing you should expect is the amazing Costa Rican scenery. It’s gonna take a while to get used to it. The first time we came to Lake Arenal, it took us around five days to yank our jaws from the floor and get used to the fact that we were working in paradise. You only have 8 hours to do it! But hey, that’s another excuse if you keep falling in the water: you were too busy being transfixed by the world around you!

There’s Loads Of Wildlife To Spot

One of the great things about exploring the lake is the wildlife on offer. There are tons of animals to spot at Lake Arenal, including rainbow fish, spider monkeys, sloths, and around 500 of the 850 species of birds that live in Costa Rica! Try to bring an animal map with you and tick them off as you go. While you’re in the country, you’ll want to see as much as possible, and Lake Arenal will provide the perfect opportunity to cross some off the checklist.

There Are Things Not To Expect

We should also talk about the things you shouldn’t expect. It’s fun to try out watersports as a beginner, but they can take a bit of time to perfect. The worst thing to expect is getting it right straight off the bat. Take it from us, you’re going to fall into the water a few times! But that’s not a bad thing. Everyone trying out this sport for the first time takes a while to get into gear, and the more you fall, the more you learn. So don’t get disheartened or discouraged. Just keep going!

It’ll Go Quickly!

Lastly, you should expect the day to go quickly, so make the most of it. The only bad thing about spending a whole 8 hours on Lake Arenal is that 8 hours isn’t 16 hours, and neither is it 32 hours, nor 40. Time flies when you’re having fun, so take in as much as you can, check out the wildlife, relax under the sun, gaze at the beautiful volcano, try out some watersports, and make sure to enjoy the moment!