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8 Useful Phrases to Know When Visiting El Castillo

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19 September 2023

Organizing a trip to the vibrant and scenic El Castillo? Nestled at the base of the Arenal Volcano, El Castillo is a hidden gem that enchants visitors with its lush landscapes, rich biodiversity, and warm, welcoming culture.

Though English is often spoken in the major tourist areas, speaking some basic Spanish phrases can greatly enhance your travel experience, deepening your connection with locals and the rich Costa Rican culture. Our team are able to speak both Spanish and English – along with French, Hebrew, Dutch, and German – so you’re welcome to test out some of these phrases below with us. We’ll also expose you to other little phrases when you spend the day with us learning more about your favourite watersports.

So, here are eight essential Spanish sayings to help you navigate your way around El Castillo.

Basic Greetings: Break the Ice in Spanish

Starting conversations with locals requires just a warm smile and a friendly greeting. Knowing the local language can break the ice and start your interactions on a positive note. Here are a few basic Spanish phrases that are universally used in the Spanish-speaking world:

"¡Hola!" (Hello!) – derived from the Spanish verb 'oír' (to hear), this informal greeting is universally used in all Spanish-speaking countries and is appropriate for all times of the day.

"¿Cómo estás?" (How are you?) – this is a casual way of inquiring about someone's well-being. Locals may often respond with "bien" (well), "muy bien" (very well), or "Excelente" (excellent).

"Mucho gusto." (Nice to meet you.) – this phrase literally translates to 'much pleasure' and is used when meeting someone for the first time.

Mastering these greetings can help you connect with the locals and immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture. For example, when you arrive at Volcano Watersports on Lake Arenal, you can say Hola, mucho gusto!

Essential Courtesy Phrases: Mind Your Manners

No matter where you travel, displaying courtesy and respect for the local culture always leaves a positive impression. Understanding and using the local language's common courtesy phrases will not only show your politeness but also reflect your respect for the culture and people.

"Por favor" (Please) – derived from the Spanish verb 'favorer', meaning 'to favor', using "por favor" when asking for something can make your request more polite and amiable. In Costa Rican culture, where friendliness and respect are highly valued, saying "por favor" shows you're not taking anyone's help for granted.

"Gracias" (Thank you) – an essential word in any language, "gracias" originates from the Latin word 'gratias', meaning 'thanks'. Saying "gracias" is a universal way to show appreciation for any act of kindness, big or small. In El Castillo, whether you are receiving directions, enjoying a local dish, or being helped by a fellow resident, expressing your gratitude with "gracias" can enhance your interaction, creating a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Another phrase you may often hear is "de nada", which translates to 'it's nothing' but is used in the context of 'you're welcome'. When someone says "gracias" to you, responding with "de nada" completes the polite exchange.

Remembering to use these phrases, acknowledge the assistance, and show appreciation can result in friendlier and more respectful interactions with locals. These expressions will make you appear more approachable, leading to more engaging conversations, insights into local spots, and lasting memories as you explore the best things to do in Costa Rica.

Ordering Food and Drink: Nourish Your Adventure

El Castillo offers a range of delicious local cuisine, from 'gallo pinto' (rice and beans) for breakfast to 'casado' (meat served with sides) for lunch. Knowing how to order in Spanish can make your culinary explorations smoother and more rewarding

“¿Me puede dar…?" (Can I have...?) – this phrase is perfect for ordering food or asking for items at a shop. Don't forget to use "por favor" at the end.

"¿Cuánto cuesta?" (How much does it cost?) – the verb 'cuesta' comes from 'costar', meaning 'to cost'. When shopping or dining out, this phrase is essential to ensure you're within your budget.

With these phrases, you're prepared to savor some of the best food and drink El Castillo has to offer.

Requesting Directions: Navigate with Ease

Exploring the winding streets of El Castillo involves finding your way around. Having the phrase to ask for directions can be incredibly useful:

"¿Dónde está…?" (Where is...?) – derived from the Spanish verb 'estar', which denotes location, this phrase can guide you to your desired destination, whether the stunning Arenal Volcano or the quaint Butterfly Conservatory.

This phrase is your key to navigating El Castillo and uncovering its hidden treasures.

Watersports: Key Terms

Our team is multilingual, so you don’t need to worry about memorising the names of your favourite sports in Spanish. But, if you’re interested, here are the sports (and their equivalents in español):

“Agua” (Water)

“Una Ola” (A wave)

“Lago” (Lake)

“Deportes acuáticos” (Watersports)

Luckily, most watersports are the same in English and Spanish. Wakeboarding, for instance, is the same in both languages, so you can be sure you’ll arrive knowing at least some of the language!

Befriending Locals: Connecting Beyond Words

While knowing these phrases is helpful, the most impactful language transcends words. Open body language, a willingness to learn, and an interest in the local culture often speak louder than words. Remember, your efforts to connect in Spanish are often appreciated, even if you make mistakes along the way.

Exploring El Castillo, with its stunning views and vibrant culture, is an enriching experience made even more meaningful by connecting with the locals. Even a few basic phrases can break barriers, allowing you to engage with Costa Rican life and traditions on a deeper level. So, pack these phrases in your language toolkit and set off on your exciting adventure!