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5 Things Every Wakeboarding Newcomer Experiences on Their First Try

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8 February 2024

There’s no arguing that every wakeboarding experience – and every wakeboarder, for that matter – is different.

Every time you go out on the water, the session will feature an element of the unexpected. Perhaps you’ll land a jump you’ve never done before, or perhaps you’ll last longer before your legs have finally had enough!

As with any sport, every participant has different skills and abilities, different frustrations and determinations, and different emotions. But having said that, there is one wakeboarding session that always remains the same.

The first wakeboarding session.

If you’re planning on using our boat rentals for your first wakeboarding experience, you’re going to be feeling the same things every other wakeboarding newcomer feels. None of these feelings mean you’re not right for the sport, but before you get started, it’s important to know what they are and why they happen, just so you don't get dispirited. We’re going to go into a few of them now.


Without a doubt, the first thing you’ll feel before wakeboarding for the first time is nerves. Even though Lake Arenal is a gorgeous, calm lake in the middle of a tropical rainforest, heading out onto the water can still be scary. It’s the fear of the unknown. You don’t know whether you’re going to be good or whether you’re going to fall, but the important thing is to understand it's natural.

There’s no reason to worry about your performance. No matter whether you’re wakeboarding with us, or in the local lake near your home, every watersports instructor has seen it before, and there’s no shame in getting it wrong. Remember, this is about having fun!


Speaking of fun, who doesn’t get frustrated when they don't get things right? Even when we’re playing video games, we spend most of the time cursing our abilities and getting hot in the head, and the same is true for wakeboarding. When you take to the water for the first time, the chances are you’re not going to glide along like a skimming stone. Perfecting wakeboarding takes time and practice, and that means falling into the water once, twice, maybe a dozen times.

But again, while you’re likely to get frustrated, just remember that this is natural. Even the most skilled wakeboarders get frustrated with themselves, but that only makes them push harder for results, so try to use your frustration to your advantage and don't get disheartened.


The reigning emotion that every first-time wakeboarder feels is excitement. At first, this excitement disguises itself as nerves, but when you’re on the water and cruising nicely, you can’t help feeling that rush of exhilaration.

This is especially true if you’re coming to wakeboard in Costa Rica. When cruising along Lake Arenal, there’s nothing better than watching the rainforests zoom past you, with Arenal Volcano in the distance and the electrifying water rushing beneath your feet. It’s a feeling unlike any you’ve experienced, and that alone makes the trip more than worth it.

Tired Muscles

Pretty soon, however, that excitement will get the better of you! It’s no secret that wakeboarding is a workout, and that will eventually lead to tired legs and weary muscles. The trick, in this case, is knowing when to stop.

If you find yourself falling a lot as a newcomer, the chances are that it’s not your fault, but rather it’s your body telling you it’s had enough. The more you practice, the stronger your muscles will become, until they can last several hours. But don't try to push it during your first go. Know when enough is enough, and then go again when you're ready!


Lastly, adrenaline. We don’t know one wakeboarder who didn’t have a huge surge of adrenaline during their first time on the water. This adrenaline never goes away, of course, but it’s certainly a revelation as a newcomer. You find yourself wondering: Why on earth have I never done this before?!

And to be honest, we won’t blame you. Wakeboarding is a sport made for those who want to live life, and not just take a backseat, and once you’ve tried it, it’s impossible to go back. Just wait until that adrenaline kicks in, you'll see what we mean!

Get Ready for Your First Wakeboarding Session

These are the things you can expect to experience during your first wakeboarding session, but from that point on, your journey is going to be completely unique. All of those feelings will remain, but pretty soon, you’ll form your own relationship with the water. You’ll look at it a different way, feel it in a different way, and it will always give you something different in return.

Before all that, though, you need to make sure you’re prepared for your first session. Take on board what we’ve said, and do your best to make the session as positive an experience as possible. Trust us when we say, you’ll be well rewarded for it!