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5 Reasons Surfers Should Try Wakesurfing

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18 April 2023

Wakesurfing is the perfect sport if you have a passion for being on the water, can already surf, and are looking to try something new. Although it's completely different to surfing in many aspects, you're still jumping on a board and feeling the spray of the water on your face as you glide along the water and whip over the waves - although the waves are notably smaller than surfing waves, the power still feels the same.

It's called wakesurfing because you're riding in the wake of a boat, with a much smaller board than a surfing board, but typically riding at faster speeds. Below, we'll look at wakeboarding and why surfers should have no issues jumping onboard – pun intended.

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1. You’ve already put in a lot of the hard work

Learning to wakesurf represents a major learning curve for anyone, even if they’ve got some experience in watersports. It’s a big test of strength and balance, particularly when you’re still figuring out how to pop up out of the water, as well as really putting your self-confidence to the test when you’re ready to let go of that rope, and try riding the wake unassisted.

But, if there was ever anyone out there who was primed and ready for the challenge of wakesurfing, it’s the dedicated surfer.

Remember all those hours you spent learning to pop up? Invaluable. True, getting up on your feet is a different technique, but it’s grounded in the same key principles – strength, fluidity, and balance.

How about all those hours you spent wiping out, learning that balancing on a surface as shaky and changeable as water really isn’t that easy? They’ll pay off all over again when you’re with us on Lake Arenal.

From your confidence to your control, everything you’ve learned already will underpin this new learning curve as you try your hand at one of the best watersports the world has to offer.

2. You already know you’re going to love it

Wakesurfing and traditional surfing feel very different from one another. After all, they’re totally different watersports.

But if you already adore the feeling of flying over the waves – catching them at just the right angle to get that delicious speed under your board – feeling the wind whip your hair and the spray cool your sun-soaked skin – then you’re bound to adore the feeling of wakesurfing.

Swapping the ocean for the lake can bring you a totally new perspective, remind you what brought you to the water in the first place, and get you feeling that beginner’s rush all over again. There’s different wildlife to see, different vibes to enjoy, and plenty of new experiences to try.

3. You get to avoid the biggest bugbear of surfing…

What’s the worst part about surfing? Not the ankle grazes, swimmer’s ear, or surfer’s neck – it’s standing on the shoreline with a few hours to spare, watching the ocean do the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

Even the best surfing locations in the world can let us down – and, when there’s no surf, it’s hard not to get disappointed. Then again, you don’t necessarily need to wait for mother nature to get the party started. Since wakesurf has you riding on the wake created by the boat, you don’t need to risk having your plans rearranged by unfavorable conditions – something that Lake Arenal has in no short supply.

4. The Two Can Be Competitive Sports

The two sports are competitive, so for any surfer looking for a new sport to explore, wakesurfing is the next best thing. Surfers will typically find it easy to pick up wakesurfing and reach a competitive level because of the similarities between the two sports. Wakesurfing competitions take place worldwide, with the best times of year falling right in the middle of summer, when the weather is warmer.

Wakesurfing is a tricky sport to master, but surfers – with their natural balancing ability and core strength – are more likely to pick it up faster than anyone else. The two sports gel together and share a love of the water that each can respect. In the same way that surfers should try wakesurfing, wakesurfers would be great at surfing.

5. Wakesurfing Can Help Improve Surfing Technique

Strength and balance are core aspects of both sports. You need an immense amount of lower body and core strength, with core stability, to stay upright on the board. With wakesurfing, the water behind the boat is more volatile. As the boat switches and moves position, riders must have an expert level of balance and core strength – something surfers can then use on a surfboard in the sea.

For that reason, wakesurfing can drastically improve surfing techniques (and vice versa).

Wakesurfing requires people to have a sound understanding of water, how to manipulate it, and how it can move you. One wrong move on the wakeboard and a rider will fall, with force, into the water. The more you understand how water moves, the better rider you'll become on any board. With understanding comes control, and with that control comes skill.