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10 Reasons Why Lake Arenal is the Perfect Destination for Honeymooners

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27 June 2023

Lake Arenal is situated in the breathtaking northern highlands of Costa Rica. With Arenal Volcano overseeing the crystalline waters more than 5400 feet below its peak, and with the lake surrounded by luscious, green-filled mountains, this truly is the backdrop of dreams.

Not only dreams, but romance too! There’s nothing quite like watching the sun kiss the crystal blue waters and feeling the cool spray soothe the Costa Rican heat. In many ways, it is the perfect location for honeymooners. So, without further ado, we’ll give you ten of them.

Romantic Rentals On The Lake

At Volcano Watersports, our boat rentals go above and beyond to provide the ultimate, tailor-made, romantic experience. The romance of Lake Arenal is captivating – the glistening lake, whether by day or at sunset, is a lover's dream. Packages are also completely customizable down to the music we play, and there’s the option for tantalizing, chef-prepared meals. What could be better for a luxurious afternoon on the water?

It's Perfect For Activity Couples

Are you a bit more of an adrenaline lover? Don’t worry, because Volcano Watersports still has you covered! Lake Arenal is ranked one of the top three lakes in the world for wakesurfing – mainly due to the inviting warm waters and perfect wind conditions. Our professional instructors and high-quality watersports equipment are on hand to show you the ropes. Oh, and there's also an option to try out wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing!

Or Simply Relax And Absorb Its Beauty

Is your ideal honeymoon sitting back and relaxing without a care in the world? Lake Arenal is still the place to be. Despite being a haven for outdoor activities, the lake is also the perfect location for doing nothing. Relax on its shores and watch the world go by while soaking up the glorious Costa Rican sun.

The Enchanting Arenal National Park

Lake Arenal is right next door to Arenal Volcano National Park, an enchanting world filled with wildlife, forests and breathtaking views at every turn. Expect to see a number of Costa Rica’s most beautiful animals, including monkeys, rare birds, and deer roaming around the land filled with wild jungle sounds. Numerous trails will take you through the diverse landscape, so take as many as you can and see how many animals you can spot!

Escape To Secluded Hot Springs

Walking along the mesmerizing Arenal Volcano National Park trails, you'll likely stumble across secluded hot springs. They're the ultimate romantic honeymoon setting. Take a dip and let the natural mineral hot springs soothe your soul, making you forget about the rest of the world during those unforgettable moments with your partner.

Sunset Dinner Cruises

After a day of exploring, thrill-seeking, or simply doing nothing, the perfect way to end the day is with a sunset catamaran dinner cruise. As the sun sets and kisses the deep blue waters goodbye, the lake becomes a picture-perfect setting for a romantic meal. Note - there are catamaran party boats during the day if you want to shake things up a bit more!

Surround Yourself With Wildlife

There's something so captivating about watching wildlife in its natural habitat. At Arenal Volcano National Park, you'll find multiple birdwatching and wildlife excursions that put you in the heart of their home. You'll spot hummingbirds, woodpeckers, kingfishers, toucans, and around 845 other bird species! There's something quietly romantic about the peace of the bird-watching tours as you take in the songs of the birds and wildlife that fill the land.

The Beauty Of La Fortuna

La Fortuna itself is a honeymooner's dream location – the town, albeit small, is packed full of divine restaurants serving freshly cooked food straight from produce on the land. It's situated close enough to explore the capital, San Jose, and it’s in the heart of some of the most popular attractions in Costa Rica.

The Perfect Climate

Lake Arenal has an ideal climate, with winds that are especially perfect for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Not to mention, they also provide a cooling breeze! The best time of year to travel is from December to May. The drier, warmer months make that refreshing breeze so much more inviting.

Lake Arenal is perhaps one of the most romantic locations in Costa Rica. It has everything newlyweds could wish for, whether that’s relaxing by the lake, thrill-seeking on the lake, or even exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Lake Arenal allows you to tailor your experience exactly how you have always dreamed your honeymoon to be.